Here are collected lessons that were part of a PhD course on Game Theory, given at the math Dept of the University of Genoa.
Teachers were Patrone, Pusillo and Tijs.
The part available here (in video, plus additional material) is the introductory part on non-cooperative games, taught by Patrone.

This project has been mainly financed by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Genoa. This course is also connected with the forthcoming Game Theory +

You can look at how to use this stuff... for a short description of what is available here and how it is organized. Or you can do directly to the contents of the course.

Some more words about this course: topics that are covered are games in strategic form, Nash equilibria, correlated and subjective equilibria, common knowledge, games with incomplete information. NOT covered are: games in extensive form, refinements of Nash equilibria, other solution concepts, zero sum games, repeated games.

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